Autococker trilogy pump upgrades for windows

The cookie settings on this website are set to allow all cookies to give you the very best experience. Wgp traditional trigger frames parts autococker parts. Trilogy slice kit 2k pre 2k slice kits 2k pre 2k mini slice kit karnivor slice. Enjoy the high performance and durability your competitors wish they had when competing on the paintball field. This is the same bolt that is used in the series 6 pump marker. All wgp autococker markers are timed and tested prior to leaving the factory. Bring it back to life and then upgrade it and take it back on the field. The trilogy sport autococker beginner paintball gun package is a great way to get into the game of paintball with minimum overhead. Theyre very tough to find, so snag em while we can still get em. Bud started out making nelson clone pumps, first the commando and then the ranger. These kits come with the grip frame, pump kit and at cam and arm required to set up an at pump for an autococker. The ccm lower tube kit comes with everything that is needed to replace the factory internals of a paintball marker.

This wgp autococker trilogy sport paintball marker sets the standard for paintball. It feels great and has that autococker feeling to it. Founded in 1988 palmers pursuit shop paintball supply located in near sacramento, has been manufacturing paintball, airsoft and industrial co2compressed air systems. Argueably the best ram one can buy for an autococker, there certainly is no disputing that its one hell of a ram. Shop wgp trilogy autococker sport paintball gun overstock. Whether you are looking for an rt kit for your tippmann or.

A simple 2k4 that came in for some new parts here and there, it got a handful of cp upgrades as well as a new inception front end and bolt assembly. Contact parts such as the stainless steel valve stem and hammer are hand polished to reduce friction and drag in the lower tube. Wgp paintball is a classic paintball company that made the legendary autococker. Autococker body silver w bolt, back block, pump arm, cocking rod, feedneckthis is a used autococker body. Some common wgp marker models include the wgp autococker trilogy and the sniper paintball gun, among other variants. The wgp trilogy sport autococker took all the best traits of the classic autococker paintball marker and reengineered it into a small lightweight package without the maintenance. Autococker body silver w bolt, back block, pump arm. While other electronic cocker grips are available in custom built guns, or as an addon, the. The empire resurrection this is a semi auto mechanical marker. The low pressure nut allows you to install any standard autococker front block regulator on to your trilogy. We have all autococker upgrades and autococker parts. Formerly known as the smart parts freak barrel back, the gog freak barrel back for the autococker threaded markers is one component of the freak barrel system. Designed to combine the accuracy and ergonomics of autocockers and sniper pumps with the long range shooting fsr rounds, this gun will paint as many heads as it turns.

The balance in springs in an autococker is different. Performance parts shop upgrades and parts by gun brand. Wgp karnivor autococker owners group has 2,684 members. Ndz autococker eblade frame up for sale is an ndz autococker eblade frame in dust black. Lower tube kits ccm paintball gun, pump markers, pump. Stockclass paintball network build a sniper from your old. With a number of choices for converting an autococker to an electropneumatic paintgun, planeteclipse hit a home run with their eblade by partnering with worr games products, manufacturers of the autococker. The beginner paintball gun package includes everything you need to get started with your paintball obsession. Unfollow autococker trilogy to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Pump handle that is ergonomically designed to fit your hand overall kit weight is 5.

Similar to ccms deluxe kit but with a vasa for mini autocockers. Click here to learn about wgp paintball history and the return of the cocker at ansgear. Ansgear has paintball guns and paintball equipment for everyone. Pump arms for autocockers and pump guns pump kits and parts. Worr game products autococker parts drop zone paintball.

Gallery of custom built autococker, anodizing, milling and rare markers. Its made in small batches and only uses the best parts on the market. Need a new bolt, velocity adjuster, point screw, pump rod or lpr adapter. The actual color of the pump kits may very from the photo colors. You have come to the largest selection of autococker upgrades and parts online. Autococker parts and upgrades aftermarker autococker parts by manufacturer system x.

Pump kits parts all pump kits parts slice pump kits slice pump kit info. But for the first outing with my new to me, used autococker trilogy pump conversion it was pretty good. The autococker series will ensure that you are properly equipped on the field of battle. Within the trilogy autococker line, there are three models, the pro, competition, and sport. This is a set of parts used to build an inception frame and some others to fit on any wgp autococker, empire sniper, and all wgp snipers it will not work with empire resurrection autocockers. Smart parts and planet eclipse released highend upgrades for autocockers. Inception designs autococker pump arm see size options. General field velocity limits are usually between 250300 fps feet per second.

By incorporating a preset low pressure regulator lpr and the 3 way valve into the body, the trilogy sport puts classic autococker closed bolt accuracy and. Once you get the autococker pump kit, it will include all of the necessary parts. Trilogy slice pump kit is a modular pump kit that is able to change length, colors it is fully expandable. I bought a 2k5 prostock a few months ago to convert to a pump. The only magfed autococker pump on the market, the x1p is unlike any other. Well, as promised, i have today a disassembly video for the trilogy autococker paintball marker, with the intention of checking the condition of the lower tube parts such as the velocity adjuster. This kit has a gloss black guide and black delrin pump handle. This will control the number of paintball guns being fired.

The valve is inside but we do not know the condition. Whether you are looking for an rt kit for your tippmann or an aftermarket bolt for your lv1, we carry it all. The paintball gun loved by tinkerers around the world, the autococker. However, upgrades to the marker can be a bit more difficult because of this. The kits are designed as drop in kits but because every gunmarker is a little bit different there is small amount of work to get them to work. A magfed autococker pump conversion kit and marker. This ndz autococker eblade frame is used and has a couple of tiny. Install a pump kit on a trilogy autococker youtube. Unfollow autococker pump to stop getting updates on your ebay feed.

Dec 21, 2010 this was quickly done to help out someone on techpb, but thought i might as well share it with everyone. These lower tube kits are available for standard autococker, half block, and ss25 markers. Autococker drop forwards drop the tank below and under the marker, allowing for the marker to be held in closer to the players body, so you can get closer to your cover a low pressure regulator lpr adapter allows you to attach the lpr of your choice to the autococker a breech sizer allows you to use barrels that dont have autococker threads, but instead. Worr game products wgp was a manufacturer of paintball markers and. Techt paintball products products autococker upgrades. E 11 or above, jaws and nvda screen readers, both for windows and for mac users. Dont be mistaken by its price, its a genuine autococker for an amazing price. The gog autococker freak barrel back is one component to ultimate accuracy. Inception designs heavy hammer upgrade kit for wgp autococker mid block pump.

These are manufactured by ndz to be used on all autocockers and accepts planet eclipse e1. This is a discussion forum dedicated to the various custom autococker paintball markers which have been built and modified over the years. While finding parts for your autococker or minicocker its important to check your paintball gun and confirm which parts are compatible. This paintball gun is a great beginner gun setup and is very easy to use and maintain. Before field use, ensure the velocity is in compliance with field safety guidelines. What is a trilogy autococker and what makes it different. The autococker regulator provides regulated air pressure to the workings of the gun. Wgp autococker parts and upgrades for sale including bolts, grip frames, front blocks, pneumatics and more. Here you will find auto triggers kits for most paintball pump guns markers. Autococker upgrades archives page 4 of 10 epaintball.

This video i show you how to install a trinity paintball pump kit on a wgp autococker trilogy sport paintball gun enjoy. This was quickly done to help out someone on techpb, but thought i might as well share it with everyone. Its great for making sure your marker performs as it should. Resurrection autococker empire sniper pump gun empire vanquish gt paintball gun. A brief walkthrough on how to put a pump kit on a trilogy autococker. Autococker leak down barrel i bought a 2k5 prostock a few months ago to convert to a pump. Drop on parts from one of your old autocockers and see what its like to play without a hopper, and how much damage you can cause when shooting fsr rounds from a low pressure sniper pump. For example, an adapter is needed to allow the use of standard lprs, and specialized pump kits are required to make a trilogy a pump gun. The pump arm is screwed into the delrin handle directly. E2, zerob and tadao yakuza electronic control boards. You can choose between pumpaction, threeshot, semiautomatic, and fullauto. Service, repair, modify auto cockers filter showing 1 19 of 19 products.

The freak is considered by many to be the most versatile paintball barrel kit of all time. Auto cocker, brand sto 99 no leaks and never been dived. All the auto trigger kits are universal due to the wide variety of trigger frames on the market. By incorporating a preset low pressure regulator lpr and the 3 way valve into the body, the trilogy sport puts classic autococker closed bolt accuracy and efficiency into the beginner\s hands. Worr game products autococker parts jt paintball parts. The problem however is that it is not adjustable like its predecessors. Looking for upgrade parts or accessories for your autococker. Autococker complete markers if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. The colored manual and dvd just adds on to how easy it is to start playing with this marker. Get a good autococker regulator and watch your gun shine. Shop for wgp trilogy autococker sport paintball gun. Grab yourself an autococker pump kit and turn any autococker into a pump.

Born from a garage and then became one of the top paintball guns ever. Ccm products are designed and manufactured in the united states and are machined from high quality materials such as 6061 air craft grade aluminum, 300 series stainless steel. Compatible with autotrigger it includes skeletonized trigger plate free floating trigger design for wgp autococker and all pump compatible slide frames. Autococker upgrades archives page 3 of 10 epaintball. Please click accept cookies to continue to use the site. Jan 18, 2011 the colored manual and dvd just adds on to how easy it is to start playing with this marker.

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