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Miami is known for being very colorful, and highly saturated and while compared to even the original and csi. Miami premiered on cbs on september 18, 2006 and ended may 14, 2007. As the investigation gets underway, horatio discovers that the boy may be planning a deadly assault. Horatio is approached by a parolee he helped put away several years ago, who begs for the lawmans assistance in finding his missing teenage son.

When the csis investigate a murder in miamis hippest fashion boutique, horatio discovers that julias instability has turned her into a ticking bomb. Horatio investigates the deaths of two irs agents, who were killed on the same day. Miami premiered on cbs on september 25, 2011, and is the shortest season of csi. Miami episodes from season 8,view pictures, get episode information and more.

The team race against time to track dangerous fugitives as the 10th and final outing of the procedural crime drama begins. The csi team must locate a woman who has been kidnapped and dialed a wrong number on her cell phone. Starring david caruso as lieutenant horatio caine, emily procter as detective calleigh duquesne, and kim delaney as lieutenant megan donner, the series is the first direct spinoff of csi. Csis biggest enemies is murdered, horatio must determine which of his team members is a suspect, on the 10th season finale of csi. Rebecca informs horatio she has to suppress evidence submitted by csi jesse cardoza due to his past history with a previous suspect in his former department. The following is a list of episodes made from the cbs television series, csi. With david caruso, emily procter, adam rodriguez, khandi alexander. Miami aired on cbs on september 20, 2004 and ended on. The team links a dead body found buried on the beach to old nemesis esteban navarro. The csi investigates a murder that will lead the team into the world. One was found shot to death in his car and the other was gunned down on a yacht that he was repossessing. With david caruso, emily procter, jonathan togo, rex linn.

Just as csi has made the most of its location with stories about showgirls and casino owners, so has csi. Miami picks up with fugitive randy north on the run after having shot horatio and leaving natalia trapped in the back of a car thats been dumped off a pier. Miami consisted of 24 episodes each, while season four has 25 episodes. While csi tries to find out who killed a carjacker, wolfe is forced to become an adversary as he takes a job as a television crime analyst. When one of the csi s biggest enemies is murdered, horatio must determine which of his team members is a suspect. Miami aired on cbs on september 23, 2002 and ended on may 19, 2003. Adam rodriguez scenes csi miami season 8 episode 14 in the. However, a seriouslywounded horatio begins having visions of his dead wife marisol. Ny, this season is not as colorful as it will be in later seasons. And that is also another aspect that really drew me to miami in the first place.

While csi tries to figure out who and what caused a fatal house fire, calleigh communicates. Miami exploited its surroundings for all theyre worth. To help horatio clear cardozas name, she sends eric delko now the state attorneys forensic expert out with him to find the missing evidence from that previous case episode 816, l. Pilot episode crossjurisdictions a crossover with csi, for instance, was loosely based on the murder of miamibased designer gianni versace. The csis are in a race against time to catch north and his former cell mate, jack toller. Season 5, episode 20 tvpg cc hd cc sd the csis investigate a celebrity rehab center where the therapeutic confessing of wrongs may have lead to a movie stars murder. The fifth season once again consisted of 24 episodes, while the sixth season only has 21 episodes. Excon pete wilton begs horatio to use the skill that got him arrested to. Closer investigation of the crime scene threatens to uncover a wealth of other shocking navarro family secrets. Delko is found comatose, and we are taken back to the year 1997 to when the team first formed. Miamis adam rodriguez called on to writedirect episode covering a delicate subject. Ryan may have shown some leadership, as in the crossover episode bone voyage, in which dr. At first they suspect a sorority sister, but when she too is.

Csis gritty approach to crime known as forensic science makes its way from las vegas to the streets of florida in csi. Miami is an american police procedural drama television series that premiered on september 23, 2002, on cbs. Horatio saves natalia and sets out to track down randy north before serial killer jack toller strikes again. Horatio is concerned when delko does not respond to the call. Other cases the team tackles this season include the murder of a professional gigolo in a private hotel cabana and a double. The series stars david caruso, emily procter and adam rodriguez. As horatio faces a painful recovery from his gunshot wound, natalia faces an emotional recovery from her neardeath experience. Miami episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. A shorter series than most with only 19 episodes, this series features. A billionaire is murdered in his miami home just before he can sign an important legal document.

The csi investigates a murder that will lead the team into the world of. After further investigation, horatio and mac determine that the real killer murdered the new york cop, then used his id to get to miami, and is still on the loose. Raymond langston, played by veteran actor laurence fishburne, crosses. Horatio and the team investigate a movie stars death while he was in a celebrity rehab center and on the verge of exposing some damaging secrets. I like high saturation, bright lights, and beautiful scenery. When a beautiful socialite turns up dead, the csis uncover a kidnapping game for the idle rich. Crime scene investigation, transplanting the same template.

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