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German sport horse bred for show jumping, primarily grey and bay in color. The holsteiner is a breed of horse originating in the schleswig holstein region of northern germany. Holstein horse this stylish looking horse is noted for its active paces and powerful action, it is an exceptional competitor excelling in show jumping, dressage and driving. In exchange for the land rental, they started to breed horses for the land owners. However, owners of holsteiner stallions must contact the ahha office to first determine their stallions pedigree eligibility prior to entering the test.

Holstein canada the bullvine the dairy information you. Jan 19, 2015 this board contains pictures of the german holstein horse breed. Effective april 2015, an upgraded phone system has been implemented at holstein canada, which has many key advantages to serve clients. New worldwide holsteiner horse studbook established horsetalk. Equinenow listing of horses in new holstein, wisconsin. This area is one of the most successful horse breeding regions in germany and the holsteiner is one of germanys oldest breeds of warmblood. Booklet is a mare born in 2007 september 5 by tale of the cat out of carabine. Holstein once existed as the german county of holstein german. One of the great german sporting horses, the holsteiner horse has a history of courage, agility, strength, and reliability making modern holsteiners great for jumping, dressage, driving and eventing. Welcome to the official fb page of the american holsteiner horse association. Holstein canada clients can order pedigrees for any holstein canadaregistered animals through the producers online web account or through customer service by phone or email. Contact our office to determine the studbook eligibility of your mare. The horses were the tall and strong breed called the holstein. Booklet horse page with past performances, results, pedigree, photos and videos.

These equine breeds are one of the oldest, exclusively used for a variety of sports because of their agile and flexible nature, coupled with a steady and reliable disposition. Holsteinfriesian association of america full view 1901. Aug 02, 2015 holsteins originate from the netherlands. They come as either holsteins or friesians, and even as a mix as holstein friesians. We need the name of your studbook, the display name of the. This system is still used today and the envy of many other breed societies. Great pride was taken in selecting the best quality mares and stallions and in keeping accurate breeding records. The holsteiner horse originated in the schleswig holstein region of northern germany and is the product of a systematic breeding program that originated over 700 years ago. In memory of barbaro americas horse an inspiration to us all photo courtesy of u. They are perfectly suited to cover long distances at a high level of activity, with enough strength and sensibility to make them excellent partners. Brand on left hind leg features the letter h within a crowned shield. Even though the breed is only one of thousands of different breeds of horses in the world, they regularly dominate the medals tables in jumping competitions.

Learn about the holsteiner horse breed, which originated over 700 years ago in northern germany, in equitrekkings guide to horses around the world. Horse booklet print and fold this little horse booklet and use it to store facts about this lovely animal or possibly for year of the horse. Though the population is not large, holsteiners are a dominant force of international show jumping, and are found at the top levels of dressage, combined. Back in the twelve hundreds, the monks were authorized to utilize space on a private land. Booklet racenet australias premier horse racing news. See more ideas about holsteiner, horse breeds and horses. Holsteiner verband north america, rancho palos verdes, california. The current race record for booklet is 3 wins from 24 starts. This area of germany is essentially marshland where the ground can turn from soaking wet mud to solid, baked mud or vice versa in a matter of hours. More information on the structure and format of this testing can be found at the website below or by contacting the number listed. Holstein association usa is the worlds largest dairy cattle breed organization, offering information services to all dairy producers. The info on the internet says the number refers to part of their registration number and 61 is indeed part of his registration number. The first studbook published in 1897 was compiled by georg ahsbahs who traced. The hhaa was formed to develop and maintain the breeding standards of holsteiner horses to the highest quality and to ensure that the holsteiner characteristics and type are maintained in their own right.

By crossing in spanish and arabian blood the breed became lighter. The history of holstein is closely intertwined with the history of the danish duchy of schleswig danish. The holsteiner horse originated in the schleswigholstein region located in the northern part of germany. All the latest horse racing form, betting odds, news, breeding, jockey and trainer information for booklet. There are actually two typesbreeds of holstein friesian cattle. Studbook registration and mare inspections 2019 holsteiner verband. Voting options include mailing the postagepaid, tearoff voting ballot. Whether you are making mating decisions or trying to decide which sale animal might have a place on your operation. Welcome to the holsteiner horse association of australia. This information booklet has been revised to gather the rules and guidelines from many aspects of the sport of show horse, into one resource. Holsteiner horse breed history the holsteiner horse is a breed that has been around for more than 700 years. As society progressed and desired a good riding horse also, thoroughbred and selle francais blood was introduced in crosses to produce the modern day look and useability of. It is important that all involved in the sport know the rules under which they compete.

Non holsteiner stallions and mares will be able to be registered with the new studbook, holstein global. This is page for every horse lover and of course holstein lover. Source unknown national equine rescue coalition, inc. A lovely head with large, kind eyes is carried on a nicely arched neck. Database holsteiner pedigrees is now also available in english.

This information can also be viewed by using animal inquiries. Holstein canada clients who call into the head office in brantford, on will notice a difference in how the phone system prompts you. Horses may not enter the studbook without completing the necessary. This horse has the best temperament for an amateur or kid to bring along. Holsteiner for sale buy and sell horses on europes leading horse market. History as its name suggests, the holsteiner comes from schleswig holstein in north germany. The dairy holstein friesian, and the beef friesian. Holsteiner naming rules these rules are optional in hf i just thought id post the real life guidelines for anyone who may be interested in following them. More specifically it is believed to have its origins in horses bred by monks in uetersen in the 14th century. Print and fold this little horse booklet and use it to store facts about this lovely animal or possibly for year of the horse. An intelligent and handsome head with a big bold eye, alert ears and good sized nostrils. Powerful, natural jumper sired by czechmate carthago z x alme. Thoroughbred pedigree for holstein, progeny, and female family reports from the thoroughbred horse pedigree query.

The holsteiner or holstein horse is the product of systematic breeding that has been ongoing in the northernmost province of germany, schleswigholstein, since the thirteenth century. Holstein horse breed, horse breeding, types and breeds from. The monks continued to breed these horses until such time as the reformation when the monasteries were taken over by private landowners. The holstein association offers dairy cattle identification, genetic evaluation, type evaluation, mating programs and inbreeding management programs to improve dairy herd management. Holstein history originating in germany, the holstein horse breed was created by monks. The holsteiner is a breed of horse originating in the schleswigholstein region of northern germany.

Holsteiner horse breed information and pictures petguide. The oldest of the german warmbloods, the holsteiner is wellloved for its excellence in show jumping and cross country competitions. The holsteiner there is evidence of the holstein type horse existing in 1285 when permission was given to a monastery at uetersen to graze horses on private land around the cloisters. Holsteiner horse breed profile equitrekking equitrekking. Discover holsteiner for sale on americas biggest equine marketplace. It originated in schleswig holstein, a region in northern germany, when a monastery at uetersen started breeding horses to create a breed that could be used for both work and riding.

It is thought to be the oldest of warmblood breeds, tracing back to the th. Interested in having your horse classified and registered with the studbook. To subscribe to the holsteiner news, simply enter your email address and click on abo. As the need for harness horses increased the british yorkshire coach horse and the cleveland bay were used to adapt the holstein into a fine, high motioned carriage horse. It is thought to be the oldest of warmblood breeds, tracing back to the th century. He has a wonderful this mare is the most amazing mother. Studbooks hhaa limited holsteiner horse association of. Holsteiner naming rules hf american holsteiner horse. Learn about the different studbook classifications and where your mare will enter the hv studbooks. Holsteinfriesian herdbook, volume 15 holsteinfriesian association of america full view 1898. The association shall keep a stud book on the origin of the holstein warmblood horse breed. Use this link to get to the verbands membership application. You will need our origami booklet instructions to fold this booklet. Pedigrees are available in both domestic and international options.

See more ideas about horses, holsteiner and show jumping. As its name suggests, the holsteiner comes from schleswigholstein in north germany. The cow of the year nominee booklet which includes a resume on each finalist and a voting card will be mailed to holstein canada members in the februarymarch 2014 info holstein. Official holstein pedigrees combine ancestry, performance and genetic information all into one easytouse document. It is a well balanced horse, maturing between 16 and 17 hands with round, generous strides and a natural, elastic movement. The hosteiner is known throughout the world as a jumping horse par excellence. Breed characteristics traditionally, the holsteiner has been bay with a preference for no or few white markings. What are some interesting facts about holstein cows. Though the population is not large, holsteiners are a dominant force of international show jumping, and are found at the top levels of dressage, combined driving, show hunters, and eventing.

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