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Watch the complete film online at gperf and video this teachers guide is also available for download in pdf format on gperf. Act 3 scene 2 macbeth gcse english literature 91 teaching. Great for consolidating understanding and spelling, you can use this resource as an opening to other independent writing activities, or just for fun. A webquest research activity on the background of the play, witches, witch trials and superstition during shakespeares time. Macbeth, once a man of greatness, transforms into a man whose conscience has fled him. Looking for a way for pupils to work more independently whilst keeping organised notes. In macbeth, the witches predict that banquo will be the first in a long line of kings. Macbeth tonight we hold a solemn supper sir, and ill request your presence.

Lady macbeth remains adamant and pressures him with attacks on his manhood as well as. They hail macbeth as thane of glamis and cawdor, and. Shakespeare macbeth topic shakespeares macbeth aims learners will practise speaking skills. American author and cartoonist welcome to the teacher resource guide for macbeth, shakespeares classic tragedy about one mans rapid rise and fall from power, and the nightmare that ensues when his brilliant mind. Includes essential questions, plot diagram, character maps, aristotelian elements of the tragic hero, motifs and images, conflict analysis, more. Thrice to thine and thrice to mine and thrice again, to make up nine. Upon learning of macduffs flight, macbeth exacts revenge by having macduffs entire household butchered. Macbeth is one of those plays that gives us so much to think about that it could easily get overwhelming. A cloze text fill in the blanks summary exercise for every scene of the play 28 in total wh. Major support is provided by the peter jay sharp foundations special fund for lct.

Consumed by ambition and spurred to action by his wife, macbeth murders king duncan and takes the throne for himself. Macbeth teachers notes national library of scotland. Modern english macbeth school district 43 coquitlam. Download a pdf sample chapter for the following readers titles below to be sure that youre buying at the right level for you and your students. Macbeth is given another prophecy by the witches as he prepares. We offer a variety of programs and resources, at both the local and national level, for teachers in all kinds of schools and students at all ability levels. Enter macbeth, as king, lady macbeth, as queen, lennox, ross, lords, ladies, and attendants. Find related themes, quotes, symbols, characters, and more. William shakespeare socorro independent school district. The abridged script cuts about 5,000 words out of the play taking it down to about,000 words, while maintaining all important plot points, major character development, and the beauty of shakespeares language. Free study guidemacbeth by william shakespearefree book. Macduff grieves, but joins up with malcolm in england to raise an army against macbeth. Lady macbeth taunts him to screw your courage to the sticking place.

Macbeth muses on the possibility of killing the king in order to be king. There are big questions being posed, which young readers will want to explore, respond to and share. While you may be asked to write on a series of potential topics, there are similarities in all of the possible subjects. He considers reasons he should defend rather than threaten the life of his king. At the folger shakespeare library, our passion to teach and learn shakespeare is boundless. Her actions and confused speech greatly concern the doctor, and he warns the attendant to keep an eye on lady macbeth. It is frequently performed at both amateur and professional levels, and has been adapted for opera, film, books, stage and screen. Free gcse resource macbeth student revision workbook. This item is the print version of the teaching unit.

A graphic organiser pdf for highability gcse english literature pupils studying macbeth. It provides summaries of each scene, key quotes from scenes, and written and group activities for each act. Here are some literary extensions that can be used before, during, or after reading macbeth. Macbeth with such a sword, because macbeth has been warned to beware of macduff. Below is the evaluation rubric for this assignment. The teacher s big book of graphic organizers grades 5 12 with easytocopy, layflat pages mcknight easytocopy pages teacher katherine s. As well as having moments of pure adventure, this is a perceptive and moving.

Key quotes are kept short with easy to understand analysis. Pdf downloads of all 1277 litcharts literature guides, and of every new one we publish. Macbeth is not as determined as his lady about the need for murder. Take part in songs and music activities targeting learning objectives from the ks2 music and ks2 literacy curriculum exploring shakespeares play macbeth. Macbeth gcse teaching resources 163 slide powerpoint with 23 lesson plans, 20 worksheets and a scheme of work overview. Shakespeares great tragedy explained in plain and simple prose. Mad with ambition, macbeth sets out on a bloody path to power.

The check your understanding activities could be done as a quiz. In this oneday discussion activity, students will bounce out of their seats to answer our thoughtprovoking questions. A video production of the play to be selected by the teacher based on availability at the school. The narrative begins with three immature school students who are studying macbeth. Macbeth using discovering literature in the classroom written by the english and media centre with the british library learning team, this free pack on macbeth offers a wealth of ideas for using discovering literature to teach the play, its contexts and criticism. These printandgo worksheets make up a 150 page macbeth workbook. Lady macbeth if he had been forgotten, it had been as a gap in our great feast, and allthing unbecoming. Ks4 reading shakespeare english teaching resources. Welcome to the teacher resource guide for macbeth, shakespeares classic tragedy about one. English subtitles and animated characters reinforce comprehension, learning, and viewer confidence. Macbeth is a tragedy that chronicles the lust for power and its dangerous consequences the teaching unit for macbeth gives you a comprehensive academic framework that saves you hours of prep work you can rely on this wellresearched unit as a strong base for your lesson plan it was written by one of our seasoned educators with your needs in mind. Three witches meet macbeth and banquo on the heath as the men return from. Macbeth a free pack of ideas for teaching macbeth, witchcraft and kingship created by the english and media centre, with the learning team at the british library. During a thunderstorm, macbeth and banquo, another scottish general, meet three witches who prophesy that macbeth will become king of scotland and that banquo will have children who will also rule scotland image 1.

They need to rehearse a scene from the play in order to perform it for their peers and english teacher, ms livingstone. The webquest answers count for 100 points of the grade and the extra credit 20 points. Shakespeare develops the impressive character of an ambitious lady macbeth from a different story found in the chronicles. This version of macbeth has been abridged by drama dreams and english themes. Dec 27, 2017 teacher notes are provided on the powerpoint to help explain and guide you through all phases of the lesson, with a range of interesting and engaging tasks for you to choose from.

Free summary for macbeth by william shakespearefree booknotes,chapter summaries,literature study guides,essay questions,quotes,downloadable texts. The two works cited pages in this pdf file were submitted by students last. Macbeth is not without ambition, he is too full o th milk of human kindness to catch the nearest way. The teachers pack is aimed at the teaching of key stage 3 and 4. Macbeth by william shakespeare study guide course online. This pack supports the rscs 2018 production of macbeth, directed by polly findlay. Duncan announces that, as a reward for his valor, macbeth will receive cawdors title and property in addition to the territory he already rules, glamis. Definitions and examples of 6 literary terms and devices.

Then, have them underline and label examples of personi. The online resource includes four images of macbeth. Get them to rewrite the captains description of macbeths. Act by act quotations includes the most important quotes in the play. A sleepwalking lady macbeth is observed by a concerned attendant, or gentlewoman, and a doctor. One of the advantages of teaching a play like shakespeares macbeth is the opportunity to extend the students learning far beyond the original work. Macbeth teachers pack shakespeare unlocked brings shakespeares most popular plays to life for young people by showing how actors and directors work to interpret and take ownership of shakespeares text. Macbeth questions banquo about the ride hes taking and insists he return in time for a banquet that night. Because of the complexity of plot, theme, and characterization in shakespeares macbeth, as well as the use of elizabethan language, many students have difficulty reading and understanding the play. Macbeth are available in the rsc shakespeare toolkit for teachers, available online in the. Update just added two posters with white background.

We are an education focused, safe venue for teachers, schools, and home schoolers to access educational for the classroom and home learning. Lady macbeth appears to be washing imagined blood from her hands. These posters measure 24 x 36 and will need to be printed on an oversized printer. Welcome to the teacher resource guide for macbeth, shakespeares classic tragedy about one mans rapid rise and fall from power, and the nightmare that ensues when his brilliant mind goes astray. Importantly, full analysis is provided for all the tasks set, to enable you to lead interesting and engaging discussions which will deepen the students. A free community for sharing instructional videos and content for teachers and students. Use the blended learning link on the dcps web page do not complete the third tab, activity, outside the hours of 6.

Animal farmis an excellent selection for junior and senior high students to study. Includes essential questions, plot diagram, character maps, aristotelian elements of the tragic. The scottish king claimed to be descended from a historical figure named banquo. Shakespeare for elementary students literature, level. Macbeth determines to kill banquo in order to prevent his children succeeding to scotlands throne. Macbeth debates the murder of king duncan and decides against it. Kingship and the difference between appropriate use of power and tyranny. Macbeth and lady macbeth royal shakespeare company. William shakespeare a graphic novel adaptation of william shakespeares play about macbeth, the eleventhcentury king of scotland, and of the tragedy of prophecy and royal murder. See more ideas about teaching, shakespeare macbeth and shakespeare. A former high school english teacher, she currently works as associate professor of secondary education at nationallouis university. Macbeth teacher pack 2018 royal shakespeare company. Teacher editions with classroom activities for all 3 titles we cover.

Before we read the play macbeth by william shakespeare, you will need to gain some understanding of time, major concepts of the play, and a general understanding of the playwright before we tackle how to read the complicated language of shakespeare, this webquest will assist you in reaching this goal and assist you in the post reading project and. In the macbeth of holinsheds chronicles, the wife of macbeth is hardly mentioned. Ask the group to choose one form of modern news reporting, radio. Although on one level the novel is an although on one level the novel is an allegory of the 1917 russian revolution, the story is just as applicable to the latest rebellion against dictators around the. But then he hears that one day, he could be king himself. To help students understand the adult motivation of shakespeares characters, macbeth can be taught as part of a thematic unit. Teacher editions with classroom activities for all 1277 titles we cover.

The book is from the oxford school shakespeare series and is the macbeth teacher s resource. Complete with a stepbystep guide to teaching the play, hooked on macbeth is a must for teachers looking to provide students with an invigorating and literally unforgettable learning experience. Macbeth is the bravest general in scotland, and a loyal servant to king duncan. Then a graphic organiser might work for you and your class. In each act, i generally choose to read the scene with. Read out the questions and students work in groups to write down the answers.

Macbeth is among the bestknown of william shakespeares plays, and is his shortest tragedy, believed to have been written between 1603 and 1606. The gentlewoman has summoned the doctor because she has seen lady macbeth sleepwalking and she wants another witness. Three of them are book illustrations, and one is a photograph of two actors playing the parts of macbeth and. This macbeth themed word search features key vocabulary for this shakespearean play. The witches, power hungry lady macbeth, the haunting ghost of banquoand more. Banquo expresses his suspicion of macbeth, and wonders if the witches predictions will come true for himself, as they have for macbeth. The wellversed instructors featured in these lessons illustrate easytouse topics, project ideas and discussion and study questions that will allow you to. The study of green grass is popular among agrostologists.

A teachers guide to the signet classic edition of william shakespeares macbeth. Teaching units are best used to teach students who are on grade level or in college prep classes. Macbeth teacher resource guide introduction page 1 introduction macbeth is a tale told by a genius, full of soundness and fury, signifying many things. The historical macbeth reigned for 17 years and survived the battles which returned malcolm to the throne. Or you can scale it down when printing to fit onto a smaller page. Macbeth is shakespeares shortest tragedy, and tells the story of a brave scottish general named macbeth who receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become king of scotland. Jamess interest in witchcrafthe penned a book on the subject in 1597may. A guide to teaching the interpretation of shakespeares as you like it. Detective sample chapter beginner level princess diana sample chapter the three musketeers sample chapter elementary level brazil. Detailed quotes explanations with page numbers for every important quote on the site. I have put asterisks by my favorite activities and assignments.

Related with macbeth study questions acts 15 teacherweb. Linebyline modern translations of every shakespeare play and poem. Shakespeare immediately brings his audience into the supernatural world. Before we read the play macbeth by william shakespeare, you will need to gain some understanding of time, major concepts of the play, and a general understanding of the playwright before we tackle how to read the complicated language of shakespeare, this webquest will assist you in reaching this goal and assist you in the post reading project and essay assignments. You should have at least one of these for each of your six sources. Duncan the thane of cawdor has lost what the noble macbeth has won.

Some excellent summaries and synopsis can be found here. Lady macbeth and how to get what you want student worksheets the united kingdoms international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. How to teach shakespear so your students wont hate it. Macbeth and son is perfect for serial reading as this would provide for discussion and prediction along the way. This australian teacher s guide is a bit dated, but provides good ideas for a fivepart assignment on macbeth. A free resource which makes up part of the full resource called three detailed gcse revision workbooks macbeth, an inspector calls, doctor jekyll these workbooks can be viewed on the whiteboard or printed off as student revision booklets for them to complete at home or in lessons. One of shakespeares greatest plays retold for children growing in reading confidence and ability. While traveling to the kings camp, macbeth and another lord, banquo, encounter the witches. Teacher guide to the tragedy of macbeth by william shakespeare how might students use storyboards to demonstrate and to extend their learning. Just as movie audiences today may find elaborate special effects to be thrilling and exciting, so too did renaissance theater audiences enjoy the stage effects that would accompany certain performances. Shakespeares macbeth is one of his darkest, powerful, and actionpacked plays.

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