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No reason, he laughed nervously, glancing up over your right shoulder. An alternative version of the cursed child the book that shall not be named. Albus potter and the foulest book is a novel written by vekin87. At what point in the harry potter books would you say rowling dropped the ball for. Now that harry potter and the cursed child has been released, and its albus turn to sit under the sorting hat, many fans are wondering what house is. In the seventh book, via the foulest book, he is much more of a straightforward mentor and provides albus with valuable information red baron. I hate him because of his irrational angst and his unrecognized privilege, i dislike him because of his tendency to always play the victim, and i dont like him because he doesnt care about how his actions affect anyone else. Albus potter series fanon wiki fandom powered by wikia. Today well show you how to make a concoction that will turn anyone into albus severus potter.

I will be uploading the blind hero seeking revenge. I believe albus wanted to prove to the wizarding world that he could do something just like his father. Albus potter and the silver wizard mentioned only albus potter and the rise of the dark alliance first mentioned albus potter and the foulest book appears in flashbacks albus potter and the dragon fang wand deleted scene. Albus potter and the foulest book harry potter fanon. For harry, it was a note scribbled in an old textbook that got him in trouble. One of them was a slytherin and he was probably the bravest man i ever knew. Albus potter and the dragonfang wand general information author vekin87 posted 22 august 2008 length 18 chapters. Unglesbees class of albus potter and the chosen four by. Most characters from the original book series are mostly the same as they were, so they probably dont need to be added here. You can now buy scorpius malfoy and albus potters wands. He was born two years after his older brother james sirius and two years before his younger sister lily luna. The story is preceded by albus potter and the dragonfang. K rowling continue the story of albus potter after harry potter.

Albus is the middle of three children, born at least a year after his older brother, james, and two years before his younger sister lily. To ensure harrys safety, albus dumbledore placed him in the dursleys care when he was a baby. While his brother inherited mischief and popularity, albus gets his fathers knack for finding himself in the middle of sticky situations. The potter name is nothing but a curse to the now sixteenyearold albus severus potter. The story is preceded by albus potter and the dungeon of merlins mist, and followed by albus potter and. The albus potter series is a series of harry potter fanfics by vekin87. Red war was what the press dubbed him during his auror days. For days albus allowed these questions to plague his mind, stray thoughts of what the foulest book could be colliding with the thoughts of his fathers horrible decisions. Its pretty insane at times, and albus potter is op no matter what the author says, but ive recommended it quite a few times, including recently to a friend who ran out of good st fanfic to read and wanted to branch out in other fandoms. Before him no body had interesting going around even the marauders thats why they did like pranks to prove that t. That is, until he actually went to the library and he saw all the books on dementors.

He puts his hat on albuss head and this time he seems to take longer almost as if he too is confused. If you are a returning reader, this chapter is mostly the same as the original with some minor tweaks. And that is why i dont like albus potter, also, his face is very punchable. About a girl called anastasia lorelie, harry potter stated, looking firmly into his headmasters twinkling blue eyes.

Heres everything we know about albus potter, the main character in the. After a few weeks however, he was forced to submit to the idea that he had probably misheard. Based on what we know about albus potters character briefly from the epilogue of deathly hallows, and his expanded character as written by jack thorne in harry potter and the cursed child, i believe that there are several career options availab. The albus potter series is a continuation of the harry potter books, following harrys son, albus severus potter. Cursed child reveals first look at harry, ginny and albus potter in. This is the character sheet for the albus potter series. Buy it here albus severus potter is the son of harry and ginny potter and first attended hogwarts in 2017 where he was sorted into slytherin. His head leaned against the groove between your shoulder blades, and he put his hands on your arms to steer you in place. Everything we know about albus potter, harrys son business insider. Rowling and harry potter fans are celebrating albus potters first. The dursleys live at number 4, privet drive, little whinging in surrey, england.

Youre getting late for your new session at hogwarts. Its the first next gen series ive read, and im a fan. Harry potter, regarding his sons fear of being sorted into slytherin house albus al potter is a halfblood wizard and the second son of harry and ginerva. Albus, you were named for two headmasters of hogwarts. Second book of both series will be coming august or september. This the new and improved version of my original albus potter and the cursed legacy, so i hope you enjoy. Rowling and harry potter fans celebrate albus potters first. Albus potter and the cursed legacy currently being.

Albus potter and the unwanted legacy dedication wattpad. Albus potter and the foulest book general information author vekin87 posted 1 sept 2009 length 21 chapters. So if she were to continue albus story i hope we wipe away that piece of. We can search the shelves for that dementor uncle harry mentioned. Taking place 19 years after the main series, it picks up where the 7th books epilogue begins as it follows the adventures of albus severus potter after he is put into slytherin house. The middle child of harry potter, albus was the first in his family to be sorted into slytherin. Albus severus potter in harry potter and the cursed child. Albus potter in the harry potter and the dealthy hallows. Fan fictionalbus potter and the foulest book is a novel. Albus potter is the second child of harry potter and ginny weasley.

It begins 19 years after harry potter and the deathly hallows. I want to say sorry if you find grammar or tense mistakes not mistake in stories. The name albus is the latin word for white, which suits albus dumbledore perfectly. Albus gave a blank look to his father, and soon remembered that he was supposed to be in the hogwarts by the next day. You groaned, as albus tried hiding himself behind your small frame. One that sits low, twists a bit, and has damage within it. Scorpius wasnt just booksmart, he also had an emotional intelligence that albus lacked particularly when it came to understanding. Rowling celebrates albus severus potters first day at. Albus potter is the middle child and second son of harry potter and ginny weasley potter.

They are all muggles, and despise all things related to magic and anything out of the ordinary in general and the wizarding world. Albus potter and the war within deleted scene albus potter and the fortress of the dead. Albus was present at the 2014 quidditch world cup final with his family. Although he might resemble his father physically, that is where the similarities end. Read the latest updated in this book to get the full story as to why i am rewriting this story.

This is the first book in the series and is called albus potter and the royal soul guards. The potter name is nothing but a curse to the now sixteenyearold albus potter. He guided harry potter to help him gain an understanding of voldemort and how to defeat him, a feat that he achieved even in death. Although he might resemble his father physically, that is where the. Albus is neville longbottoms godson pm and, when he was six years old, his best friend was rose grangerweasley cc1. The main plot is that someone opened voldemorts tomb and is now terrerizing hogwarts. Albus potter and the dragon fang wand albus potter and the foulest book albus. For my first video, i decided to do 20 facts about me. The dursley family are harry potters last living relatives. The story is preceded by albus potter and the dragonfang wand, and followed by albus potter and the rise of the dark alliance. Just a few quick things i want to say before you begin reading chapter 1 of albus potter and the foulest book. Albus thinks his headmistress is part of the plan but when he is faced with death eaters. Harry potter is head of magical law enforcement at the ministry of magic and ginny weasley is editor of the sports section of the daily prophet. Office pranks the new head james the great a very weasley sorting dark magic the prefect out of order secrets and strategies renegades.

The actors playing ginny and albus potter are confirmed, as the production of cursed child unveils a new series of character portraits showing. List of supporting harry potter characters wikipedia. With a smile, albus dumbledore removed his halfmoon spectacles, placing them onto his desk with a. Albus severus potter recipe for disaster welcome to potions class. Replicas of the wands designed for albus potter and scorpius malfoy in harry potter and the cursed child have gone on sale for audiences at. Albus potter therealhogwarts45rp wiki fandom powered. As headmaster of hogwarts, dumbledore is openly dedicated to using his powers to serve the greater good. What makes this fanfic particularly unique is the fact that the author has released full complete books for 6 of the 7 years at. Albus potter and the dragonfang wand harry potter fanon. He is named after albus dumbledore and severus snape.

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